About Me

Ottilias passion for music ignited in her childhood in Västerbotten, far to the north playing the drums. She wrote her first songs at 14 and recorded some of them in upper secondary school. Since then her passion and talent has been matched by an equal amount of ambition. This ambition took her to studies in drums and other instruments in different places. In 2008 she was admitted to the renowned Music Collage in Örebro. Here, in the professional studio environment Ottilias passion for creating music grew deeper. She experimented with mixing unexpected materials to the drum kit. She wrote songs, performed them and created a following. Her music was described as ”An electrified emotional outburst from deep within the forests of Norrland.” 

Today Ottilia works hard to achieve her goals with music. She says she wants her music to reveal what everyday life can sometimes conceal. At it’s best music can reach deep within like few other things, maybe even touch your soul. Ottilia wants to touch your soul.

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